Hello dear ones~

In exploring ways to celebrate and honor what is feeling like a signifcant turning point in my life, I found myself on this Site... 

I turn 50 this July. Yes, I know it is just a number, AND, this profound life's journey has graced me with tremendous shifts in spiritual growth, wisdom and maturity.

The evolution and opening of this heart, body and consciousness are the precious gifts that all the challenging trials and glorious breakthrus have offered me.  

So, I am taking time to stop to celebrate & honor it all !!

One way I am doing this is to create for myself things that signify celebration for having made it to where I am today. I've chosen fun, light expereinces which rejuvinate and uplift me. As well as Charities which speak to my heart.  (See the Registry.)

   ...  I am so grateful for whomever and however, those choose to join, in this celebration.

It is lovely knowing that this Spirit of celebration and honor will spill over to bless all of your lives as well... 





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